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Video packages

*Our prices also include the general features for each service as specified on the service description page.

Successful video marketing begins here!

By now you already know that a great video can launch your business into the stratosphere but its cost can actually break your wallet.
Regular video services cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy and going the cheap route can oftentimes backfire. Sure you can make simple videos or buy inexpensive content from online sources but in the end, you get what you pay for.
Don't get me wrong, these types of videos have their place for simple everyday videos or a quick fix but a great video is more than just editing a template. 
It takes time, creativity, understanding of the client's needs and objectives. 
Put in simple, you need someone that cares about delivering exactly what you need to reach the people you want to attract, and to do that it is essential to understand how digital marketing and your business works in order to create the perfect video. At Ion Studio we do just that.