A Basic Intro to Social Media Marketing

A Basic Intro to Social Media Marketing

The key to reliable social media marketing is the exact same as the secret to reliable content marketing: providing value. This is something that a huge number of organizations have absolutely no concept how to do and that results in some extremely improperly managed social media.

Have a look at the social media pages of your common regional B2B companies and you will discover that they tend to post some rather uninspiring and vapid posts and statuses.

You'll see things like:

" Learn why our contact management solution is the very best in the business!"


" Order our EPOS system today to start serving your customers much better!"    

This is nothing but blatant self-promotion and not even interesting self-promotion. Ask yourself: why would anyone be interested in following that? What are they gaining by reading your posts? One of the single crucial concerns to ask when looking at your social media or your material is: would you read it? If not, then you need to do something to make it more interesting! 

That suggests that your social media now requires to provide some type of purpose for the viewer. It must be interesting, it should be entertaining, it needs to work or it ought to be motivating. Motivating social media can work especially well. Take a look at Instagram and you'll discover great deals of accounts filled with people wearing spectacular clothes, posing to display their rippling muscles, or even just showing of their wealthy lifestyle.

Then there are the travel accounts with lots of photos of beautiful mountain and sun downs. Why do these work? People see those channels and they feel inspired-- they live vicariously through them and they take pleasure in daydreaming about having a life like that! They understand that if they follow that account, then they'll be shown a lot more equally motivating posts and they can continue to live the dream. And guess what? When you then promote a piece of clothes or an ebook on how to get fit, they listen.   

Examples of popular Facebook pages are things like 'IFL Science', which posts links to articles with some truly distinctive titles and gets lots of likes and lots of shares as a result. The best Twitter accounts are the ones run by personal brands which let fans feel as though they are truly learning more about them with insights into their everyday routines, with jokes or with expert tips.

Wish to make a splash on Pinterest? How about developing a board to show off life hacks? Or to showcasing fantastic clothing options? Or fitness inspiration? The goal once again is to provide real value and the method to know if you're doing this well is to ask yourself: would people be disappointed if you stopped posting to your account? Not just your blog-- however your social media channels?

Your social media requires to be able to stand on its own 2 feet and be something that people enjoy in its own. That's how you get shares and fans which's how you get people to visit your site and purchase your products.

Once again, from there the key is to post frequently and to be regularly on-topic.

Do not create a blog on physical fitness however continually post on social media about your love of gardening or people will burn out and they'll leave. How frequent should this be? Preferably, the more frequently you post the better. Several times a day is normally suggested, especially considering that sites like Facebook will only show each post to a small portion of your fans.

More Tips for Getting Your Social Media Right

Providing Value in a Dull Niche

One thing you might be wondering, is how exactly you offer this kind of entertaining, engaging value when you run a website about life insurance. What could you possibly do on Instagram or on Pinterest that would be appropriate?

The response is to think not about the service itself but rather about the value proposal and audience. Your goal is to post things that will be interesting to the same group and that will be relevant. It does not need to mean that every post will be directly about life insurance!

One example of this might be to make an Instagram account all about methods to hang out with your family and look after them as a Mum or Papa. Due to the fact that life insurance is all about looking after your family when you're gone, this has a really broad appeal however it is also directly relevant to life insurance.

People who wish to be better Mums and Fathers can follow your Instagram, which will be in the exact same spirit as your organization, and once you have their ear, you can suggest life insurance policy X.

Also, you might do something similar with a Pinterest account. How about making this all about ways to save money as a family? You might show money saving hacks, budgeting tips etc. and then utilize that in order to promote your life insurance as the very best financial choice, or your website as the very best place to find out about life insurance.

Targeting a Specific Audience

Another essential tip is to think of your audience and who they are. If you want people to share your posts (this is the best way to make sure that they reach the maximum number of people), then you need to be sure that you are targeting your audience specifically. This is very important, considering that attempting to reach too large an audience will eventually mean that you don't particularly attract anyone.

This is the error that a lot of people make with their posts on 'How to Get Abs'. They think that they need to attract everybody and therefore they end up with really generic and very safe material. However content carries out best when it is targeting specifically at a specific type of individual. This all connects to the psychology of sharing. Why do we ever share content? There are 2 basic reasons: to express ourselves OR to communicate.

We communicate by sharing things that we believe will appeal to someone we understand. If you see a post on 'How Working From Home Turns Your Brain to Mush', then you're going to share that with your pal Bill who works from home as a saucy joke, as a way to help them work from home much better, or maybe just as a method to reveal you're thinking about them.

If you work from home yourself, then you may post it to reveal how you feel about working from house and to help others to understand you much better. However notice that in both these scenarios, the post only works because it targets so specifically people who work from home.

While being very specific might appear to exclude prospective customers, it makes it a lot easier for you to market to the particular kind of people who are most likely to buy from you. And to make this work you need to invest some time profiling what that individual resembles. How old are they? What gender are they? What are their pastimes? What sites do they hang around on?

You'll see why this is even more important shortly...

Making a Strong Brand

As soon as you have actually chosen how you're going to provide value, through sharing your blog posts or by posting images, you then need to make sure that you have a strong brand that will have good visibility and that will tie your social media channels nicely to your website. It is necessary that when someone sees a post from you, they understand it's from that exact same website they saw a few days ago.

Make sure you have a good logo and use that as your profile image or your cover image on each account. Utilize the exact same name anywhere possible. Another pointer is to incorporate your social media and your website as carefully as possible. It will take a while to develop momentum on your social media however something you can do to assist that along, is to add social media buttons to your website so that people can check out your Facebook directly from your website.

Preferably, you will get new fans each time somebody goes to your website making them most likely to see your future posts and share them, bringing in yet more visitors who can consequently become fans!

Important is simply to ask people to follow you on social media. This is especially apparent with videos so if you have a YouTube channel, then do not be shy to simply ask the people watching to follow you on Twitter and to provide some good reasons to do so!

Likewise, at the end of a post why not just ask your readers to share the post with their pals using the helpful sharing buttons you offer? It's also an excellent idea to integrate your many different posts to save time and to ensure that you fill each channel with as much content as possible. For example, you can make it so that you publish all your Tweets on your Facebook page or each new YouTube video is automatically shared on Twitter.


Do not forget that social media is still primarily an interaction tool. Among the best methods to guarantee that people are engaged with you is to in fact talk with them and doing something as simple as simply following people or liking their photos.

If you have ever used Instagram, then likely you'll admit how pleasing it is to discover that somebody has actually started following you -- particularly if they look like a professional brand! Similarly, it's excellent when they applaud and say 'good pic!’. This will then encourage you to check out their channel and in many cases, to follow it! So simply spend some time publishing and obviously be sure to actually respond to people.

Running contests and surveying your audience can also be an excellent way to increase engagement and to get a better concept of what your fans wish to see from you! A fine example of a contest is to award a follower with a totally free present if you get 'over X number of likes'. This can assist you to construct more shares and likes as well as being a fantastic way to thank your fans!

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