8 Social Media Marketing Principles you need to know in 2021

8 Social Media Marketing Principles you need to know in 2021

What does it take to become one of the top respected brands on the web, in any niche?

It takes a LOT of hard work and grit – that’s for sure. But it also takes a lot more than that. It takes strategy, cunning and actually a big helping of luck!

If you want to be one of the major players in your chosen niche, then you need to know exactly how to build an audience, gain their loyalty and keep them coming back to your site time and time again. But there’s not just ‘one secret’ to this. In fact, there are countless little things that the very best do differently.These are the things that set apart those incredible brands and make them the huge household names they are today.

Things like Bodybuilding.com, The Verge, Mashable, Tim Ferriss, Smart Passive Income, Engadget, Wired…

While these companies also have the advantage of having built up their name over countless years and huge amounts of investment to pour into their marketing and sales, it’s still really the strategy that is the big difference.

And this article is going to share that strategy and some of the most powerful tips that set the very best apart from the less special.

Provide Value

Here is the single most important thing you must know about thriving on social media: it is absolutely imperative that you always provide value. What does this mean? It means that you’re going to be offering something concrete and tangible to your audience and giving them something that they can benefit from. Think of your social media much like a product or a service in its own right and NOT just a means to get as many people to your blog as possible.

This simple paradigm shift is the absolute difference between a successful social media channel and an unsuccessful one. You need to give people a reason to follow you, a reason to share your content and a reason to keep checking back to your page. Don’t just expect people to follow you on Twitter because they ‘like your brand’!

So how does one go about providing value? In the case of social media, this can mean offering:

·         Entertainment

·         Information

·         Discounts and offers

·         Inspiration

A good example of this is any of the thousands of successful channels on Instagram that post pictures of healthy lifestyles. There are a lot of great Instagram accounts run by fitness experts and enthusiasts and that include images of people working hard in the gym, looking great topless on the beach or downing protein shakes.

People find this inspiring in helping them move toward their goals and so if the images are well composed and they are well designed, then they are providing value in that way. People know that by following that account, they’ll get updated regularly with new inspiring pictures to help drive them further in their own training.

Another example might be to share links to informative posts on a Facebook account. If you have a blog about online business, then you can post links to news stories regarding SEO, to tips and ideas for creating content etc. Don’t only post your own content – find and share the kind of exciting content that your audience can benefit from! (Note that this is all much easier if you genuinely are passionate about the subject matter – as that way you can simply share the things you’re reading anyway!

But perhaps the best example of ‘social media as product’ would be one of the many Pinterest boards on Pinterest. These tend to act as collections of ideas for interior design, for weddings, for personal style etc. Thus, many people will head to these pages whenever they need ideas and some brands that have come up with related boards have been able to garner huge followings that way.

How do you know if you’re doing this right? Ask yourself this simple question: if your social media channel were to shut down today would your followers be disappointed? We’re not asking if they would notice – we’re asking if they would genuinely feel that something they enjoyed had gone.

If the answer is yes, then congratulations! You are officially providing value.

Don’t Just Promote

That’s what you need to do then but just as important is what you need to avoid doing. What is the polar opposite of providing value? The answer is simply promoting your business. And this is what too many misguided small businesses actually use their social media to do. These tend to be the kinds of companies that feel a little stuffy and out of touch to the user.

Local service businesses like plumbers and removal men, or more corporate operations like EPOS providers and time clock solutions/accountants. These are the companies that will use their social media to post things like ‘Visit our site and see why we’re the best at what we do!’. Or, ‘Our software solutions are second to none!

This is literally just advertising and it completely misses the point of social media.

Don’t do it!

Understand the Psychology of Sharing In Social Media Marketing

Something that's beneficial to cultivate for your social networks is to much better understand the psychology of sharing. Why do people share? What makes a video go viral? The first thing to recognize here is that no-one can set out with the intent of producing a viral video and be ensured success. Some things increase your probability of a hit (such as keeping the video shortish and making it amusing and/or stunning) however there's a great deal of luck involved and a particular 'X Factor' that can't be measured

But by comprehending why people share, you can considerably enhance your odds. And this generally comes down to keeping in mind the function of social media and why individuals register in the very first location. Most importantly, individuals sign up to social networks as a type of interaction. This is a way of remaining in touch with pals and expressing yourself which suggests you are most likely to share content if it helps you to do either of those things

That expression is one VERY huge part of this. When we mingle in the real life, a lot of this involves thinking of the image we desire to emit and how we wish to forecast ourselves. That's why we use certain clothes, purchase bling and exercise. It's also why we're so keen to inform people everything about ourselves! That narcissism is much more obvious on social networks where most of what we post is about ourselves!

If you develop an online test, then you can comprehend why it is likely to be really effective with individuals sharing their outcomes! However, if you develop a blog site post with a very clear identity that states something about your readers-- then people will share that as a way to reveal that they determine with what you've stated and this in turn permits them to reveal themselves in that way.

Make a blog site post about vegetarianism and great deals of vegetarians will share that material to reveal that that's who they are which that's a part of them. Post about why it's lastly time that you got in the fitness center and people who feel the very same will want to share it (remember how we said that people feel like sharing their goals is the first step in achieving them?). Post about the entertaining aspects of working from house and if your readers connect with you, they'll share it!

The other factor someone might share this material is to reveal they're thinking of someone and to show that they understand them. Once again, this is why it's such a great concept to publish with an extremely particular target market in mind and not to attempt to accommodate everybody! If you write a post about the health advantages of knitting, then you'll discover that individuals share it with their friends if they know that their friends like to knit. Try to set off the 'Ooh, John will like that!' effect

If you make your posts outstanding quality, all this just works though. Your post title can be as on-point as you like however that will only take you up until now if your content is bad. You 'd likely simply be irritated at them if your buddy tagged you in a post and you read it just to find that it was inadequately spelled and very dull!

Make sure that your content is exceptional quality and that means not just in terms of the subject matter and offering worth but also in terms of the way it is composed and even the method it is provided. Great content is long, extensive and filled with useful takeaways. It uses well-written, error-free copy and it is made to be engaging and immediately grasping. If you do not have the composing skills to provide on that, then you either require to cultivate them, or you need to work with someone who can do it for you.

Make Your Followers Feel Important

Then your social media channel will instantly be much better than a substantial proportion of what's out there at the moment, if you do all this. It won't be ideal


If you look at social media just from that perspective then you're missing out on out on a really big part of it, because. Basically, social networks is a social tool. It's meant for communication which's a two-way thing. Even if you're posting the best content in the world, if that's all you're doing then it will still seem like a one-way bombardment that will quickly become annoying for your following.

Rather, you require to focus on that social element too by in fact engaging with your audience and interacting with them rather than making this a one way thing. And this starts by treating your visitors like VIPs.

This is a easy and little distinction but it's one that can have a substantial effect on your success

The secret is to make following you on social networks appear like an amazing way of life modification and the first action on a terrific journey. If your social networks channel is about physical fitness for instance, then you can develop a circumstance where merely registering to your social media channel seems like the primary step toward the body your audience wants.

Did you know that individuals who tell others about their plans to get into shape typically fail to do so? The factor for this is that just informing other individuals that you plan to lose weight or build muscle eases some of the mental tension of desiring to attain an objective

It becomes a part of our identity and that means we in some cases feel as though we do not have to work so tough when we tell people! Obviously this is not an advantage however what it does show, is how making a social action like this can actually feel like favorable progress and even bring a sense of catharsis and achievement.

When somebody clicks your 'follow' button, you can make them seem like they've taken the first action to a brand-new them: more self-confidence, more muscle, more money, more sex. Which makes them feel excellent about themselves, which is exceptional feedback!

Your job is to motivate this feeling by placing your social networks channel as some kind of motion, some kind of declaration. This is why a lot of the most effective online brands will tell people to 'Take and follow part in the brand-new fitness revolution!' or 'Join a community of elite money makers!'.

This also has another advantage, since it makes your followers feel like they're a part of a community. This produces social pressure to join (everybody who is anyone is following you!) and it makes them feel that they might be losing out by not following. Individuals hate losing out but they love belonging of something and if you can integrate these 2 feelings, then you will be on to a winner!

You can then also bring this on by making your fans seem like VIPs in the method you continue to speak to them throughout. For example, you may describe them utilizing a group name, or you may inform them how they are getting early gain access to, or restricted information. Anything that makes them feel great and feel thrilled to be a part of your brand name.

A huge part of this will come immediately from constructing your brand in the proper way to begin with. A brand name is far more than merely a logo design you see. Rather, a brand name is all about your worth proposal (as we've gone over) and your 'why'.

Returning to that why, we can describe Simon Sinek's 'Golden Circle'. This is the idea that you require to comprehend three 'rings' of your business. The external ring is 'What', which is the product or service you develop. Ring 2 is 'How' which is how you make it different and how you accomplish it at all. And the inner circle is 'Why'. Why do you do what you do? What is it that you desire your business to accomplish?

How do you wish to make your mark on the world? And it's by emphasizing this why over the what that you can create a brand name that people are thrilled to get behind. We've currently seen that the best method to market your social networks channel is to develop genuine worth. But it also follows that you need to be able to have an inspiring force and a vision behind your products themselves.

Take a look at Apple. Apple didn't produce a computer and after that search for a function for it. Jobs and Wozniak started with their why. Their reason for existing was to make computers fun, individual and innovative. They wished to overturn the concept that computer systems were for services only and they wanted to empower individuals to be expressive and imaginative.

That is what made it possible for Apple to thrive. That is why individuals reacted to their items. That is why there are still a lot of fervent Apple fans today-- in spite of the hardware being technically inferior and no longer quite so ground breaking. Other business aim to give individuals more personal liberty. Or they intend to make the world a cleaner location to live. Or they intend to assist us see the world. Or achieve monetary self-reliance

What is it that makes you wake up in the morning? How is it that resulted in your service? Focus on that because that is a vision and a movement which is massively more inspiring, engaging and interesting than 'We Sell Washing Machines'. Plus, when you discover the factor for your brand name's existence, then you can begin to check out other methods of revealing that so that you can discover methods to deliver value through your social media channels or to typically be more inventing and innovative with your marketing and so on

Be Consistent

So at this point in this article we have learned an awful lot. You now know how to write excellent content, how to keep individuals returning to your website and how to engage your audience so that they feel like part of an exciting VIP neighborhood. This is all going to put you on track to a highly successful and fantastic social networks account that is only likely to grow with time!

But that is the personnel word here: time

In order for your account to be effective, you require to keep doing the best thing over and over once again. What's more, is that once you've developed a pattern, you need to persevere. For beginners, publishing frequently and engaging routinely and so on is the only method to slowly grow your fans. This can be disheartening and tiring in the beginning as it will always start with an extremely slow drip of brand-new fans

With time though, you will find you're able to build momentum and eventually it will start to see exponential growth.

The key is to stay with it until then, and while you do, to make certain that you're following the same blueprint. One essential factor for this is that any big pause in content, or any unexpected modification in what you post, can really quickly lead to a loss of fans.

This is a danger when it pertains to developing an individual brand name. If you build yourself an individual brand name that is connected to your organization, then it can end up producing a scenario where half of your posts have to do with your service or your selected niche and half of them are about your cereal, or getting stuck in traffic.

Possibly something you're delighting in on TV. And if someone followed you due to the fact that they desired to find out more about their favorite subject and they keep getting updated with inane posts about your day, then ultimately they might end up ending up being bored with your random material and therefore stop following you.

This is of course the circumstance you desire to avoid, which is why it's so important that you set an extremely clear tone and subject matter for your material prior to you start. If you're going to be publishing on your way of life and tying that to your niche, then keep it loosely related to offering the dream and make sure that your audience knows what to anticipate. That way, they will get what they came for and that will ensure that they feel as though they're getting the value they were assured!

We've yapped about how to develop value and offer something useful when you are selling a fitness program or generate income online program. In reality, this is a fairly easy 'offer' compared to numerous of the other things you can find yourself doing as a digital marketer or a business trying to utilize social media.

Because if you run a business that's about cars and truck breakdowns, about accounting, or about life insurance coverage ... then how can you create a consistent topic that people would actually wish to subscribe to? This is the difference in between a product that people want versus one that people require. How can you 'offer the dream' of life insurance or PPI?

The response is to go a little off subject. Remember what we stated earlier about your social media actually being a standalone product or service in its own? Bear in mind that we mentioned you required to make something that people would be unfortunate to see gone?

You merely have to take this concept one step further when you're selling an item that individuals will struggle to get thrilled about. Find a subject or a service that is digressive however indirectly appropriate to what you're selling and then find a way to make that preferable and intriguing.

So for example, if you are selling life insurance, then you might develop a social media channel that promotes domesticity. This is directly on the subject of life insurance and now it's something that somebody may actually see. It's something that supplies inspiration, entertainment and value. And it has the same 'Why'

See how all of it ties together? You see why you need to believe about your brand name prior to you go out with your campaign? When you're gone, Life Insurance is all about securing your household and keeping them delighted. A channel about enjoyable things to do with your family is likewise going to be all about making the most of time with your household and keeping them happy

A social media account that promotes household life will appeal to the specific same group. Individuals searching for family activities are the exact same individuals who need life insurance so that their member of the family will be protected when they're gone.This is the best opportunity to develop something on Pinterest for instance, or on Instagram. Or you might produce a Facebook page and post ideas and suggestions from around the web.

You could publish images of great looking cars if your service is in vehicle insurance. You could produce a channel all about looking professional and advancing at work if your service is in matches. I can't run through every example here but hopefully you have the essence. Get creative, think outside package and see what you can develop!

You can also use the same tricks as internet marketing gurus using cool little softwares like Content Burger.

Always Deliver on Your Promise

Wait a minute ...

Did I simply recommend that you use clickbait? Isn't clickbait essentially spam?

Why yes it is. I'm grateful you detecting that and I'm glad that you see the issue here. I am not advising that you start posting clickbait articles. All I'm saying is that you can find out from clickbait articles. These stick out since they have fascinating principles that speak to us on a psychological level and get us to desire to click.

The problem? They never deliver on their promise. And they've reached the point of ending up being contrived and transparent. Extremely often, you'll check out about this 'one strange technique' or the supplement that 'ought to be banned' and it will be nothing however an advert for something really generic. Or you'll enjoy a long video to see 'what takes place next' and you'll be dissatisfied to discover that nothing much happens.

Frequently you'll require to click through great deals of sliders filled with large quantities of adverts. And as such, you'll learn NOT to click on clickbait due to the fact that it never provides. So it's a catch 22. What is an internet online marketer to do? The response is to take what works about these posts and prevent what makes them suck ...

To describe, let's take an action backward once again and look at what's wrong with a LOT of internet content. Which's that it doesn't stand out in anyhow or use anything distinct. In the fitness specific niche, there are hundreds of posts for example with titles like:

How numerous times have you read posts with these titles, or titles comparable to these? The response is most likely very frequently. And when you acknowledge that, you can see where the problem lies.

Due to the fact that they in fact sound intriguing and they in fact look unique, Clickbait actually stands out on social media channels that are filled with this kind of things. Becoming aware of the 'strange secret trick' is a lot more welcoming than finding out about '5 ab exercises'.

The problem is that this technique is spammy

The answer is easy: you head out and you hunt down interesting information to share that is worthwhile of such an overblown title. That's right: you stop attempting to 'trick' your fans and instead offer them exactly the exciting and unique kind of expose that they're searching for.

There are countless cutting edge research studies sharing brand-new forms of training that might have amazing results. There are ancient and forgotten training methods. And after that there are those much more intriguing angles on the very same old subjects: things like looking at how physical fitness connects to self-defense. Or possibly how building muscle will change your psychology

All this is now sounding MUCH more interesting and interesting and you can create post titles that are simply as eye-grabbing and amazing. The huge difference is that now you are going to be able to provide something fascinating and actually meaty when your audience follows through by clicking those links. And due to the fact that you've done that, it indicates that the next time they see among your posts, they will be inclined to believe that you're when again going to be able to deliver on your promise.

When you combine these methods, the outcome is that you can get a loyal following of individuals who are genuinely delighted and eager to see what your next post will be about! And when you share content that other individuals have actually produced, you require to be simply as selective and make certain that it ticks all those same boxes: sounds amazing, provides on its promise.

Be Personal (Where Appropriate).

Often, companies will utilize their social networks accounts in an extremely detached and 'business way'. The unfortunate part of this is that often the business are very well intentioned. Often, the aim behind this is to produce posts that will sound official and 'expert' and they hence hope that they will have the ability to get more fans as a result.

However the web is forcing service to adapt and today clients typically don't desire to purchase from businesses that try to be detached or corporate. Instead, they want companies that are amazing, personalized and youthful. And this is why more and more successful businesses online use what is called a 'personal brand name'

A personal brand is essentially a brand name that utilizes your name rather of a generic company name and that integrates your own personality and lifestyle into the promotional and marketing material. This works especially well when you are offering some type of lifestyle, such as fitness or cash making.

You can resolve your followers using your own name, talk personally about how the product or information you're selling worked for you and meanwhile try to develop what will feel like a real relationship with your followers. Let them share insights into your day-to-day routine, see your lifestyle and generally enjoy belonging of your way of life every day

This is an excellent way to utilize social media and what works specifically well about it is that your audience can feel as though they nearly know you. This in turn will make them significantly more trusting and therefore more inclined to be thinking about purchasing from you and so on

. But the secret with individual brands is to make certain that your niche and your market is fit to this kind of promo. If your business is a B2B company, such as an accounting or speaking with company, then having a chatty 'personal brand name' where you publish photos of your morning cereal or amusing thoughts may not be extremely proper

Nevertheless, for marketing to people and where building trust and familiarity can be an asset, this ends up being a far better method and it's really interesting while developing lots of chances for new posts.

Here's a very simple concept that nevertheless gets neglected a lot-- which is to promote your social media channels on your blog sites. Too typically, online marketers and companies will consider their social media as a tool to promote their site just, not realizing that this in fact can work both ways.

In truth though, promoting your social media on your blog site is a terrific method to promote both elements of your company and to catch your visitors and turn them into warm leads. In this manner, if somebody ought to land on your website for the very first time and find they enjoy your brand, then they may choose that they wish to follow you and discover more

Once they've seen your logo right there on the page, seen some of your posts etc., they will have a far better idea of what you're everything about. If you have social media buttons right there-- and you draw attention to them in your material-- your new visitors can opt to follow you and stay upgraded (and this is simpler than recording e-mail addresses). Now you have direct contact with your audience and you can promote to them in future.

That suggests they're most likely to come back to your blog site and it suggests that they're more likely to share your post with their connections on social networks. This then creates something of a 'virtuous cycle' (the reverse of a vicious cycle!). Everything you do to promote your social networks will now better promote your blog site and whatever that promotes your blog site will result in more traffic on your social media!

This likewise develops that clear link and guarantees that it's extremely obvious that you are one brand that has several social media channels. The entire things becomes a self-reliant loop! Of course this likewise chooses social sharing buttons make sure it's easy for people visiting your site to share your content on their social media pages by liking it or Tweeting it. This is a fantastic way to get more direct exposure for your post.

Usage Contests and Other Events In Social Media Marketing

Another advertising method is to run some sort of contest or occasion. This can, for example, imply that you promise to do something if sufficient individuals Like your page (a great method to encourage more individuals to register). You might additionally offer complimentary promo to individuals who use #yourbrand and take photos utilizing your products on Instagram. Or you could utilize promos like events (actual meetups!) or chances for people to name products or win rewards

In all of these cases, you are offering individuals more reason to engage with your brand, to get the word out, to provide you with complimentary marketing and promo and to engage with you. All these things will assist to enhance you as a brand name and at the exact same draw more attention to your channel and it's an excellent way to get the occasional extra increase

Besides continuous schemes though (such as hashtags), attempt not to over-egg this one. Otherwise, individuals can quickly get fed up of a circumstance where you aren't providing worth any longer but are rather simply running promo after promotion

While we stated that you shouldn't focus too much on promoting your own services and products, one manner in which you can promote yourself and get away with it is by providing discounts and cash off. Surveys reveal that this is something that a lot of social media users in fact appreciate (rather than seeing as a problem) and as such, you can usually get away with it!

Providing discount rates really is a way of supplying worth, because they are getting money off of something. That means they have actually saved money by following you and that in turn means they got value! Another terrific feature of offering promos is that Facebook's CPA (Cost Per Action) ads actually let you utilize 'redeeming a coupon' as an action.

So if you run a promo and spend for advertising on Facebook, you can set it up so that it just costs you money when someone really pays and bites for your item. This means you can exactly compute your earnings and feed cash into your advertising to increase turnover and income!

When you attempt and attract more individuals to your social media account, you need to make it clear that you will be supplying offers. By doing this, individuals will not be frustrated or disappointed when you periodically discuss that there's a10% cash off deal and better yet, it suggests that everybody following you will be potentially available to your deals. That's a really target market right there!

Oh and another thing: keep in mind to utilize the VIP technique when discussing your offers. Remember, these are unique and amazing deals that they can't get anywhere else. Since they are part of your motion, these are entirely distinct and they are being offered them. This can make your audience feel unique again, which will increase their likelihood of wishing to make the most of their good luck by making an order!